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  • february 6th 2007 yeah, recorded in a one day session in 2001 with members Matthias, Axel, Alex and Steffen, then put somewhere under the bed, the now reappeared recordings have been put to the hands of our New Age specialist "5". He mastered them and finally here they are. Listen! (as)

  • april 9th 2006 yo! killorama is still not dead! there was just nothing to update the page with! so for now, 2 new mp3s from our ambient(hehe)-artist hackepeter finn are online. they were recorded during a live set performed by him and his notebook in december last year or mostly redone from there blabla. go and listen or die! (as)

  • august 28th 2005 a few months ago i wrote in the news that we're going to make a DVD from the stuff we had filmed in november with the guys of Akimbo and Snacktruck. right now the work is done. get the details here and contact us if you want one.
    price will be 4 EURO + postage/packing (depending on where you live)
    the destroyer-part of the video can still be viewed here, reduced for internet bandwith of course (as)

  • april 28th 2005 added the picture gallery of destroyérs tour in early april this year! see the galleries of sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll....NOT...just galleries of sex(less young guys) here (as)

  • march 20th 2005 scanned 2 reviews on the green 7inch by destroyér, one from the fanzine ALL DAY HELL #3 and the other one from EYE WITNESS #59.
    also added 2 interviews with destroyér, one taken from ALL DAY HELL #3, the other one from DAWK MAGAZINE #2.
    you'll find all that crap here when you scroll down a little bit... (as)

  • march 19th 2005 i scanned "new" pictures from a destroyer-show at the stumpf in hannover in 2001 that were lying around here for 4 years now. you can see them here (as)

  • january 31st 2005 just uploaded a new full-length-live-concert of destroyér recorded on november 21st 2004 under the club reyna in klein-k(r)otzenburg. it's part of a concert together with AKIMBO and SNACKTRUCK. we're currently working on a DVD including the whole concert of those bands...let's see when this thing will be finished.
    to see the video, go to the "media"-page (as)

  • december 30th 2004 a "split book" by craig from WHAT HAPPENS NEXT? had been released beginning of this year and since it is hasnt been officially distributed in europe so far, we take care of that from now on.

    heres what craig has to say about his book:

    "Pushing the spirit of punk rockness into a non-musical medium, Dean Carrico and I have released a split book. The concept of the book stems from the practice of releasing "split records" where two like-minded bands each get one side of a record and then insure that the record's supply will far outdo it's demand. Here, Dean and I each wrote one half of a book and then published more copies than either of our closet's can hold. Dean's half of the book is called "Mad Cows Indeed" and exploits his student exchange time in Britain while my half is called "Naked Shackelton: A Dude's Trek To Antarctica" and is just that."

    for text and audio files of the book go HERE. for ordering the book send an email to steffen@killorama.de. for insulting craig send an email to craigums@yourmother.com. (sh)

  • december 14th 2004 hackepeter finn constructed a new song for your listening pleasure. it's called "bthrwx". listen here (as)

  • november 13th 2004 punkt music released another EP of ourn fettste mann p. lauer with his track "reject". this time it's a split-ep with c.b. funk (his track is called "ralley san francisco") (as)

  • july 11th 2004 we were totally hot about this and i ran around with a rock hard in my trousers and now it has happened. max of 625 has finally put out the first DESTROYER-only 7inch. on it you will find 15 (or 16??) songs, all packed in a beautiful color-cover-artwork.
    it is distributed through Ebullition and should be available here and there soon (hopefully).

    ah and here's what Max finally wrote about it:
    DESTROYER - 2nd EP
    Super distorted crazy VOID style thrashcore from some equally eccentric German dudes. Would have to say that if VOID was powerviolence, DESTROYER would be the outcome. WHN did a mini-Euro tour with them and they fucking floored us, both with their insane thrash, and their personalities. Weird cover art, werid dudes, ballistic thrash = crazy German thrash. (as)

  • july 9th 2004 since a few days the new EP of p.lauer is out on punkt music. it is called "free entry for girls" and the sound has become harder, dirtier and like punkrock in electronic form (hey and guess what: he even used drumsounds of the destroyer drumset!!). forget boring deep house, this is the new shit.
    it also features a weird remix of robag wruhme.
    the EP should be available at a vinyl record store near you! (as)

  • may 22nd 2004 it took a long time, but now it looks like the 2nd destroyér-ep is on the way.
    the songs are mastered, the films for the cover are done and the order for the vinyl is out!

    here's what Max of 625 thrash records writes:

    "DESTROYER - 2nd EP
    How do I even explain this band....WHN did some of our Euro-tour with them and we were fucking floored by them. Very eccentric dudes who are a blast to hang out with, but when they get one stage they fucking explode with some crazy VOID meets GANG GREEN style hardcore. Total explosion kinda shit. If you haven't heard their earlier stuff, you gotta check this shit out." (as)

  • march 1st 2004 just finished the upload of 4 new destroyer-songs. new fast and raw shit as you are sadly used to it! get the dirt on your computer or lutsch our asses! lutsch!
    those songs were recorded exclusively for some compilations coming up in future. you will know which compilations when we write it here! (as)

  • february 25th 2004 we have a new live-video up on killorama, it's a complete live-performance of DESTROYÉR recorded by our fans Marcus and Peter. it was shot in limburg in november 2003 as DÉSTROYER played with ASSCHAPEL and MEMBARIS in a small practicing room. go and watch it! (as)

  • february 25th 2004 new galleries up:
    destroyer in the studio
    and a nice shot of some good buddies! ...here! (as)

  • december 20th 2003 shit happens! our webspace provider did some updates to his systems and something went wrong and so our webpage went back to the status of november 20th. as i lacked to make backups, all those of our fans who posted in our killbook, well, you have to do it again! otherwise we will forget you really fast! (as)

  • november 4th 2003 new track by THE HORNED is there! it's called "the horned is borned"...recorded a few months ago and now mastered. listen to it! (as)

  • october 17th 2003 after two brilliant sessions at the clubkeller in frankfurt the guys have been banned once again. maybe we'll get some details on this by DJ Maik himself later on. (as)

  • september 26th 2003 welcome aboard, HACKEPETER FINN! the rest of the klan wishes you a great time on killorama! (as)

  • september 25th 2003 it started off with trying around some cascading style sheets. and it ended in a hightech website using latest tricks of PHP and CSS! how do you like it? let us know in our killbook! (as)

  • september 7th 2003 hi everyone, this is stevie from the DESTROYÉR OHL. heres some news for you unworthy scum:

    - we are goin to appear on 3 compilations that are supposed to be released in 2004. the first is goin to be a on FLOWERVIOLENCE RECORDS featuring fast german hardcore bands, the second one is a compilation of european hardcore bands on 625 RECORDS and the third one is a HERESY tribute lp compiled by shantia, guitar player of MY MINDS MINE (RIP) and BLOOD I BLEED. we are goin to record the songs for these comps sometime this month, so keep an eye on our media section!

    - the song "alarm in my panties" is featured on the "7" stunt record" on A TREE IN A FIELD RECORDS . another artist on this comp is a guy who calls himself HACKEPETER FINN. watch out, i have the feeling we will hear and read some more about this mister pretty soon! ;-)

    - craig from WHAT HAPPENS NEXT? wrote a tour diary of their recent european tour. he is a brilliant and funny writer and since we played a couple of shows with those guys you should definitely check it out HERE. page 4 is my favorite!

    . - check out the following shows that steffen is more or less involved in:

    October 4th, Ludwigshafen at "Dome/Das Haus"

    for further info on the bands klick THIS

    October 11th, Frankfurt at "Exzess"

    be there or not!

    - so long for now. our next live destruktion is on september 27th in nidda at the cd-release party of ETERNAL PAIN. UP THE IRONS!!! (sh)

  • august 11th 2003 destroyer got played on the MAXIMUMROCKNROLL radio show. at the moment i'm writing this it's "this weeks show" in the "MRR Radio" section of their webpage...
    all those who read this in a few weeks have to go through their archives and get the show No. 842 (as)

  • august 5th 2003 some photos from a destroyer-concert at the juz obw 9 in stuttgart and some more (only the first bunch...more to come) from the destroyer-mini-tour together with What Happens Next? look (as)

  • august 5th 2003 took me about 7 months to do this but now you can watch/download the whole destroyer-concert happenend at the mannheimer draeschfeschd january 2003 at our media-page. (as)

  • july 23rd 2003 want to read more on the discussion about the flyer/destroyer/fear of god/oetinger villa/etc?
    so here's the perfect link collection to attend, read, ignore:

    veganhardcore.de discussion thread 1
    veganhardcore.de discussion thread 2
    oetinger villa's guestbook

    coming with this, destroyer got banned for playing any concerts in future at the oetinger villa ("Auftrittsverbot" in german...well, who cares!)
    BUT unfortunately and not understandable for anybody of us, fear of god also got banned!! we were really looking forward to see them play (even if we weren't allowed to play there)!

    UPDATE: the concert will happen after all! but without destroyer of course!

    UPDATE 2:the concert was once again cancelled. the p.c.-idiots won! here's a thread about it:
    veganhardcore.de discussion thread 3

  • july 19th 2003 okok, long discussions have happened before so i'll make it short: here is the statement (Stellungnahme) of the band destroyer concerning all that stupid and mostly senslsess (that's my opinion) discussions going on out there because of some crappy flyer (hey, we always do crappy flyers ;) ) we made for the concert on July 26th 2003 in Darmstadt at the Oettinger Villa...READ and judge by your own...and if you want, then let us know, you'll find an email-address inside the statement (as)

  • june 6th 2003 hey ho. P.LAUER has a new EP out. it is called "Bud E.P." and you can listen to those tunes and buy the record at separe recordings. (or keep your eyes open on soulseek, i heard you might find it there ;-) ) (as)

  • may 31st 2003 don't miss our show on june 27th in darmstadt at the schallbad, when we, DESTRÔYER, are goin' to play our favorite VOID and REAGAN YOUTH songs as BUBBA YOUTH. along with CHURCH OF GG aka SKELETON ARMY we will be celebrating the 10th anniversary of GG ALLIN'S death, who passed away on june 27th in 1993. so show up to drink, fight and fuck with us!!! so long, steven.

    EDIT by Alex: we are sorry but this show had to be cancelled...! (sh)

  • may 14th 2003 added a new page with reviews about the destroyer split7inch and about a concert. oi! (as)

  • april 24th 2003 i just activated smileys and guestbook-code in our killbook. maybe it gets a little bit more colorful. hey look at those frrrrrrrrreaky smileys! yeah! (as)

  • april 4th 2003 just uploaded a few pictures made at the mannheimer draeschfeschd in january 2003. see the galleries (as)

  • march 6th 2003 ey mir ist heute mal wieder bewusst geworden dass es in hanau und umgebung nur VERKACKTE SCHEISSBANDS gibt!!! ich brauch hier gar keine beispiele zu nennen denn sie sind ALLE ALLE SCHEISSE!!! naja...ich wünsch euch noch viel spass beim ficken (sh)

  • january 28th 2003 added a couple of DESTROYER shows. more to cum! (sh)

  • january 3rd 2003 lots has changed the last days! i've been working hard to get most of the MP3s of the killorama-artists right here on the killorama-server as MP3.COM pisses us off! There are still not all MP3s available here, but i'll do my best, ok?? you can download many many many many mp3s right from the artist-pages and even stream if your internet connection is fast enough! with this i have also changed the whole media-page... (as)

  • january 3rd 2003 yeah! real fan-crap now on killorama: wallpapers to penetrate even your computer-desktop! choose one here! (as)

  • december 2nd 2002 yo girls and boys! new pictures shot at the concert in the exzess in frankfurt/main...see em! (as)

  • november 22nd 2002 enjoy some interesting pictures shot a few days ago in the new practicing room of destroyer. (as)

  • november 11th 2002 yo! just added a new date to meet DESTROYER live (together with THE HILLSIDE STRANGLERS at bessunger knabenschule in darmstadt). check the destroyer-concerts (as)

  • november 8th 2002 only a few months after the split DESTROYER got together again with a lot of concerts in queue! read the newsletter in the newsletter-archive for details. (as)

  • september 23rd 2002 After DESTROYER broke up the guys Ronny, Maik and Sandro decided to continue making their thing. they could have continued as Immanuel Cunt, but they decided to make an end with the controversial past and changed the band's name to RonnyMaik&Sandro (as)

  • september 23rd 2002 That's what i received a few days ago: a cartoon made by our flyer and record-cover-artist Matthias T. The music was contributed bei killOrama-artist ALMA ATTA...check it out in the Media-section (as)

  • july 3rd 2002 due to legal problems we had to take the destroyer-video of "the privilege" off the page. therefor i uploaded another video of Immanuel Cunt from 1995. watch it at the media-section (as)

  • june 16th 2002 we just sent out the whole details on the split of DESTROYER with our newsletter. read in the newsletter-archive in "letterbomb volume 6" about what happened. and sign-up to our letterbomb or you'll miss the coolest stuff! yo! (as)

  • june 15th 2002 DESTROYER broke up a few weeks ago. details might follow the next days...
    as the DESTROYER 10inch won't be released anymore right now, I put up the cover as this stuff was already finished and ready to be printed. see it.
    you can also download all tracks that would have been on that record at MP3.COM. (as)

  • june 15th 2002 check out those two new videos up on here: one shows DESTROYER on their 2nd concert ever done (real hatecore, i say it!). the other shows IMMANUEL CUNT in 1997 still with James Bondage on vocals...very old crap! enjoy the videos here (as)

  • may 12th 2002 p.lauer has released a new EP called "dance your ass" on séparé-recordings (go there for more information). the record should be available at well-sorted record-shops (for example: freebase records) (as)

  • may 11th 2002 to make the confusion perfect, house-star plenty ammo is now called p.lauer. he's already well-known under this name outside of the killOrama klan, now the change is complete! (as)

  • march 29th 2002 while cleaning up my shit here some old pics taken for the first IMMANUEL CUNT-demo fell into my hands. watch the originals at our picture-corner (as)

  • march 24th 2002 hello you shiteaters! this is your ole buddy stevie from DESTROYER. well, originally i wanted to write a small tour report of our two day trip that led us to the netherlands. but actually i'm just too lazy, fuck you very much. (sh)

  • march 10th 2002 damn, it hasn't been very funny working with this asshole, but i finally got some information out of him: THE OMNIPRESENT PENISKNIGHT. his first pages are now to ready to be seen on killorama, if i recovered a little, there will be some more information. and listen to his music! there are 6 songs online. (as)

  • march 6th 2002 DESTROYER have just returned from two shows they played in the netherlands on march 1st and 2nd. especially the second show in leeuwarden was a blast, MY MINDS MINE and OHLO DE GATO totally kicked arsch, the audience went wild and DESTROYER played the show of their lifetime! steven d. hated is currently working on a small tour report, so watch out for this to come. (as)

  • march 6th 2002 remember when we told you about 27 new tracks DESTROYER has recorded in december? well, here they are (at first "only" 22 of them) and they became soooooo cool (props to the man behind the mixers!)!
    and still not enough: THE HORNED didn't waste their time with brokering at NASDAQ and XETRA, they also put up 2 new songs. LISTEN!
    hey and THE OMNIPRESENT PENISKNIGHT was able get his ass under control and made also 5 new songs! here they are! (and keep the volume low, otherwise some of the songs might destroy your speakers, muahahaha!!!!) (as)

  • march 6th 2002 DESTROYER are going to release a 10" on FLOWERVIOLENCE RECORDS later this year and have been offered to release a split 7“ with a not yet named dutch band on BALOWSKI RECORDS. (as)

  • january 20th 2002 lots of good destroyer-concerts coming up, even one in the netherlands (today the netherlands, tommorrow the world!!!). maybe there's one next to you?...
    take a listen to THE OMNIPRESENT PENISKNIGHT now. he's a new artist on killOrama. you might have already noticed him on the killbook or elsewhere. we're still working out his pages on killorama, but it's kinda hard to do, because he's a bit of an asshole and hard to work with! but his music is cool...and that's what counts! so until then, listen to his music. see the media-page for that!...
    today this little information landed in my mailbox: DESTROYER recorded 27 new tracks over christmas at the legendary Studio 300 and the mixing has been finished today. the mixes have been sent out to the band for a last listen and then we can expect a full load of wonderful new destroyer tracks!!!! look forward to that shit!

  • january 4th 2002 a new part of our homopage is now opened: the release-corner. we put up all the covers done by killOrama-people and some additional information. beneath you'll of course find the record-cover of the just released DESTROYER-split-7inch. yo, it's also some interesting look at the stuff made so far.

  • january 1st 2002 happy new one! as a new year-"present" we've uploaded a complete DESTROYER-concert. watch it now before it's gone again.

  • december 25th 2001 i was just informed that there will be a tape-sampler released with one track (or more?) of DESTROYER. check the page of noisemaker records, there is already some info.

  • december 19th 2001 lots of new stuff:
    steffen is doing a party on january 2nd 2002 and invited DESTROYER to play there. also playing: FORSTELLA FORD from milwaukee (really cool emo-stuff!!!) and CROWPATH from sweden. there's also a nice flyer which you can check out here. this party will be cool as hell! hail steffen!
    the first DESTROYER release is out now! it's a split-7inch with SEVEN DAYS OF SAMSARA (a milwaukee emocore-band). It's released on FLOWERVIOLENCE RECORDS and you can buy this piece of hardcore-gold at LET BULLETS RAIN-mailorder. we'll put up a full cover-scan of it here during the next days...
    we put up a video recorded in the destroyer rehearsal room. it shows the band training a new grenade called "alarm in my panties" (if you've been to one of the last shows of destroyer, you might recognize it).

  • november 26th 2001 new letterbomb-archive is up and running!

  • november 20th 2001 the radio show, where the killOrama-guys went to (see news of october 15th) is now uploaded and ready to listen in full length at mp3.com.

  • october 15th 2001 the guys of killOrama will be on the frankfurt radio station Radio X on october 31st. the show will air 17.00 CET.
    if you live near frankfurt, germany, you can listen to it on FM 101,4 or via cable on 99,85 mhz.
    if you don't live near frankfurt, all you need is a Real Player, so you can listen via the internet

  • august 21st 2001 lots of new stuff here. read on:
    we got a new intro-page with all the important info on one place.
    we also got a picture gallery now! enjoy it!
    we got our own newsletter! subscribe to the letterbomb on the intro-page! it will provide you with the latest information about the bands, concerts, mp3s, videos, gallerys and whatever comes to our mind! (don't be afraid, it won't happen that often!!!)
    we packed all the other media-links and stuff on a single page to make it easier for you!
    okay, lots of changes, check 'em out!

  • july 28th 2001 the BOYS FROM IPANEMA will present themselves live for the first time ever in their history!!! don't miss it! take a look at their concert-dates (and the rest of their pages, which were uploaded just a few moments ago...)

  • june 16th 2001 members of Immanuel Cunt, destroyer and The Horned got together and recorded a cool HC-track as the "Knights Of The KillOrama Klan". The song is now online.

  • june 1st 2001 the first songs of The Horned go online! listen!

  • may 12th 2001 i just received the following statement of steven d. hatred. read this:

    "well, since i received many hate mails and was the target of phone terror over a period of weeks now, i decided to change my name into "steven. d hated". therefore my email adress has also changed into sdh@killorama.de. that is it, eat my puke........."

  • april 27th 2001 added new category WiseWords. read!

  • april 25th 2001 after months of work we finally finished this homepage! so take a look around! it's not all done yet, we have many more ideas, but they will come bit by bit when we have some more time!

  • april 25th 2001 FLOWERVIOLENCE RECORDS will make a split-7inch with killOrama-band DESTROYER and milwaukee emocore-band SEVEN DAYS OF SAMSARA

the artists

DESTROYER - hanau marinecore

THE HORNED - blackmetal/grindcore
The Horned

RONNYMAIK&SANDRO aka  IMMANUEL CUNT - hardcore-sex...uhm...punk

P.LAUER - house music

ALMA ATTA - blistering industrial noise
Alma Atta

The Omnipresent


Boys From